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Explore a unique approach to movement and self care that will help you break the cycle of chronic pain and get you back to living your life to the fullest. 


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Hi, I'm Leeanne...

My own journey to wellness through physical movement and mindfulness arose after chronic pain and autoimmune issues forced me to take step back from many of my activities.  After exploring various medical and holistic approaches to regaining health, I finally found the relief I needed through yoga and   GYROTONIC® Movement to heal my body and mind and get back to living my life fully again.

Now, my mission is help those with chronic pain learn self-care for their bodies so they can rediscover their authentic selves, and find the trust and freedom they need to perform at the highest levels in all areas of their life. 

I help high achieving professional women to break free from the cycle of chronic pain through movement and self care so they can get back to performing at their best in life and work.


Are Your Ready To Reclaim Your Life From Chronic Pain?

The Reclaim Your Life From Chronic Pain 6 Month One on One Coaching Program offers an individualized approach to self care that targets the physical and mental aspects of chronic pain.

I provide my clients with the understanding and tools needed to recognize their own pain patterns, and use a variety of techniques to help them identify and correct imbalances, and create a self care plan they can use to continually improve and maintain their qualify of life. The program integrates a variety of modalities to individualize your program.



I utilize yoga to integrate grounding, focused attention, and dynamic movement to create mental calmness and physical activation of inhibited systems in the body.


The Gyrotonic Movement System is designed to create internal stability, which allows for the strengthening of all parts of the physical body – nervous system, joint, and muscles – to help you find ease and freedom in all forms of daily movement and physical activities.


Lifestyle Coaching

The stress and demands of daily life facilitate the development of chronic pain, but learning lifestyle factors that counteract this tendency can provide relief to constant discomfort.


Pain tends to worsen over time the longer it is ignored, and your career is likely suffering as a result. Don’t let pain hinder your progress and stall your advancement. Invest in yourself and your future by taking the time to create the health and vitality you need to thrive professionally and personally.

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