About Leeanne

Health Lifestyle Coach, Yoga and GYROTONIC®  Practitioner

My Approach

My mission is help those with chronic pain learn self-care for their bodies so they can rediscover their authentic selves, and find the trust and freedom they need to perform at the highest levels in all areas of their life. 

Chronic pain and anxiety are a constant companion for millions of women in this country, and negatively affects how we live our lives and perform in our jobs. Lots of options are out there claiming to relieve ongoing pain, but fail to address the underlying problems driving your suffering.

I empower you to explore a new approach to working with chronic pain that addresses both the physical and the mental aspects of your chronic pain, and gives you the tools to get back to living at your best in all areas of your life.

I create a safe place for people to embrace healing and self care so they can be at peace in their bodies.

My Story

My own journey to wellness through physical movement and mindfulness arose after chronic pain and autoimmune issues forced me to take step back from many of my activities.  After exploring various medical and holistic approaches to regaining health, I finally found relief I needed through yoga and Gyrotonic ® to heal my body and mind. After practicing yoga for 10 ten years, I decided to take the leap and become a 200-hr certified yoga instructor in 2016, and a Gyrotonic Movement practitioner.

I strive to bring my clients a safe place to learn about and explore their bodies in a supportive environment. I encourage playfulness and curiosity, and hope everyone leaves each session having discovered a new awareness of how their bodies work and feel. I believe that an appreciation of how the mind and body work together to create our experience of the world is best witnessed through conscious movement, and I focus on developing this connection in each session. When I am not teaching or working as attorney, I can be found hiking, running, honing my cooking skills, and traveling near and far.

My Values & Beliefs


Connection between the mind and body is the only way to truly know what your body needs and how to help it heal.


Being of service and helping others is a common theme among driven women, but it can come at the expense of helping yourself. Balance between the drive to serve others and discovering what each person needs to feel complete is a symbiotic journey that is best taken with the help of caring movement instructors and lifestyle coaches.

Independence and Unique Expression of Self

Sense of self and freedom is experienced by each person in a unique way, and tapping into that perspective and potential is the key to unlocking patterns that promote chronic pain and discomfort.

Empowering you where you are and awakening self-care and body awareness.

You are your best teacher, and by finding the tools to practice self-care, you create the body awareness you need to find equilibrium and stability.

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