The Challenges of Sleep with Chronic Pain Sleep is essential to the body’s healing process, but chronic pain can make this vital period of rest elusive. Whether it is falling asleep or waking during the night, discomfort can rob chronic pain sufferers of this resource...

Five Stretches to Alleviate Computer-Related Pain

Being hunched over a computer is, unfortunately, a standard posture for many in this country. Hours of typing, using a mouse, sitting, and the inevitable rounding of the spine all contribute to significant back and neck pain for many people. However, taking just a few...

The Role of Caffeine in Controlling Pain

  People suffering from chronic pain often find the beginning and end of the day to be the most challenging parts of their routine. Getting going in the morning can be tough, and coffee provides the boost most need to get the day underway. What you may not...

Using Breath to Calm a Pain Flare

When a person has chronic pain, a flare can occur anytime and disrupt work, family time, sleep, and social activities. The normal reaction is to either grin and bear it for as long as possible or step away from the situation until the episode passes. Neither choice is...

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