8 Week Chronic Pain Breakthrough

With Leeanne Frazier, Movement Therapist, Yoga and GYROTONIC® Movement Practitioner

I help high achieving professional women to break free from the cycle of chronic pain through movement and self care so they can get back to performing at their best in life and work.


About the 8 Week Program

    If you are sick and tired of having your life dictated by pain and ready to learn the simple steps YOU can take to regain vitality and health and start feeling better NOW, then the 8- Week Chronic Pain Breakthrough Program is the perfect first step that you have been looking for.

    Having suffered from chronic pain myself, I know the daily struggles you have, and I know that there is no quick fix. But through my own experience, research and training, I also know that you can heal your health and chronic pain issues and by addressing the source through movement and lifestyle.  

    In this 8 week program we will work one on one to create the breakthrough you need to start feeling better NOW by honing in on how your breathing, posture and core activation are affecting your pain patterns. In this 8 week program, I will hone in on your TOP challenge affecting your breathing and posture and teach you the simple tools to start to improve your movement and restore your body to balance. We will utilize a combination of GYROTONIC® Movement, Yoga, and mind body work, and lifestyle coaching to help you take the first step and take control of your pain.

    During the 6/60 min  sessions we will have over an 8-week period, I will provide:

    • An individualized assessment of your pain history, movement patterns, and lifestyle factors that contribute to your chronic pain
    • Breathing exercises to help calm the mind and body
    • Posture exercises to help correct alignment issues and create more stability
    • Core activation work to create the internal stability you need to relieve tension in other parts of the body.

    By addressing these areas that typically exacerbate symptoms in chronic pain sufferers, I will show you how to open the door to a life with less pain and more freedom.

      If This Sounds Familiar…

      Are you consumed with how much pain and discomfort you experience on a daily basis?

      Do you struggle to remember the last time you got a good night’s sleep?

      Or find yourself cancelling yet another meeting or social engagement to stay home and try to get through another bout of mind-numbing pain?

      Have you tried other approaches and not had success?

      Are you ready to finally have a breakthrough with your chronic pain?

      Pain tends to worsen over time the longer it is ignored, and your career is likely suffering as a result. Don’t let pain hinder your progress and stall your advancement. Invest in yourself and your future by taking the time to create the health and vitality you need to thrive professionally and personally.

      Your program will integrate specialized movement modalities to help you create a breakthrough in how you approach and feel in your body.


      The mental calm and rhythm of movement that yoga poses create work to both calm the stressors in your brain that generate pain, as well as develop the spacial awareness you need to move your body in more organic and natural ways.


      Providing movement in all planes and axes of the body, Gyrotonic is designed to create the space and structural integration chronic pain tends to break down.

      Movement Education

      Modern work and life force the body to adopt unhealthy patterns of compensated movement to perform daily tasks. Counteracting these forces through specific corrective movement is essential for long-term comfort and health.

      About Your Coach

      My Story

      My own journey to wellness through physical movement and mindfulness arose after chronic pain and autoimmune issues forced me to take step back. After exploring various medical and holistic approaches to regaining health, I finally found relief I needed through yoga and Gyrotonic ® to heal my body and mind. After practicing yoga for 10 ten years, I decided to take the leap and become a 200-hr certified yoga instructor in 2016, and am currently in the process of receiving my certification in the Gyrotonic ® Expansion System.

      I strive to bring my clients a safe place to learn about and explore their bodies in a supportive environment. I encourage playfulness and curiosity, and hope everyone leaves each session having discovered a new awareness of how their bodies work and feel. I believe that an appreciation of how the mind and body work together to create our experience of the world is best witnessed through conscious movement, and I focus on developing this connection in each session. When I am not teaching or working as attorney, I can be found hiking, running, honing my cooking skills, and traveling near and far.


      Have questions about whether this program is for you and how to get started? 

      How do I know if this program is for me?

      If you are driven individual who is ready to find a long-term and sustainable road to relieving the stress of daily pain, this program will offer the tools you need to reduce and control the pain flareups that interfere with work responsibilities and pursuing regular physical activity.

      How do know if this program is not for me?

      If you are not ready to commit to consistent self-care and are unwilling to explore several approaches to address the issues associated with chronic pain, this program is probably not for you.

      What can I expect once I sign on?

      As soon as you sign on, I will send you a welcome packet, and schedule your initial assessment session, where I will explain how my program can specifically address the pain issues you experience.

      How do I get started?

      Schedule a discovery session with me to learn how my individualized program can help you regain the ability to function at your best, so you can excel at work and engage in all your favorite activities.

      If you are ready to reclaim and are ready for a breakthrough with your body, then my 8 Week Breakthrough Program is for you.

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